QuickBooks Online Integration for Toast Sync

xtraCHEF & Quickbooks

xtraCHEF has different third-party integrations and Quickbooks is one of them. xtraCHEF provides integration with both Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop versions. This article will focus on Quickbooks online integration with xtraCHEF in detail, specifically when connecting to map your Toast Sales. From here on Quickbooks Online will be termed as QBO for the sake of simplicity and ease.  Connecting to QBO with their API allows xtraCHEF to:

  • Automatically import your Chart of Accounts (also known as GL Codes) and Vendors
  • Purchased invoices synced as Bills in QBO
  • Deposits, returns in invoices synced as Vendor Credits in QBO
  • Receipts synced as Expenses in QBO
  • Freights, Credits, Other Charges, Discounts, Taxes in invoices synced under pre-configured GLs(or Chart of Account in QBO)
  • Toast Sales posted as a Journal Entry

Pre-requisites for QBO integration

  • The customer must have QBO account
  • IF applicable, provide the GL codes to map the header level fields like:
    • Sales Tax
    • Freight
    • Discounts
    • Other Charges

Integration workflow

The QBO integration with xtraCHEF is achieved using the API integration with QBO. The workflow below shows the entire process.

Step 1 - Connect to QBO & Import GL Codes

  1. xtraCHEF Support team enables the Quickbooks online export for the Tenant.
  2. The user clicks on the gear icon and then clicks Settings menu. Now click on the tab Integrations as shown below:

  3. The tenant user clicks on the Connect to Quickbooks button and a screen opens to input the Quickbooks credentials

  4. The tenant user inputs his QBO account credentials and clicks Sign in button. The user can then choose the Quickbooks company he wants to connect with xtraCHEF.

  5. On choosing the company, the dialog box opens to authorize xtraCHEF to share data with QBO account. See below:

  6. Click Authorize and the dialog box closes. There will be a notification on the Tenant Configuration page confirming the connection with Quickbooks as below.  QuickBooks requires to re-authorize :
  7. Once the Quickbooks account is connected to xtraCHEF Tenant account, the Tenant can import the chart of accounts (GL) list from QBO by going into the GL Code menu. There is a button Import GL from QBO
  8. On clicking the Import GL from QBO button, a message appears to confirm you want to pull GL Codes from QBO.  Click Import to begin the process:
  9. A table with your GL Codes will appear.  Select all and hit import to complete the process

  10. The imported GLs show up in the listing as below:

Step 2 - Assign GL Codes to the Toast Sales Categories

  1. Under the Gear Icon on the top right, select "Sales Configuration" to pull up the Toast Mapping
  2. Under Sales Configuration, the fields from Toast should automatically pull over, or you can hit Sync from POS to pull those in:
  3. Assign the fields from Toast to their corresponding accounts in QBO to complete the setup.  The below Video will show you how to select the GL codes you'd like to map those.

Step 3 - Additional Settings for Sync

After completing the mapping (Remeber to hit save!) you can adjust some of the default settings, such as Discounts by Type, Auto Payout Tips, or the number of days Sync will look back (see below)

Once you've finalized all these settings, Sync will begin pulling in around 10 am the following day.  Please reach out to support@xtrachef.com with any issues or questions.

Quickbooks Online token expiry

The application will give a notification to the tenant admin when he logins, 8 days from the token expiry. This notification will be repeated till the token expiry day. The user will have be redirected to the Tenant Configuration page to connect his Quickbooks account again. See the screenshot below:

----End of tutorial----

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